“To be in the moment” doesn’t mean to avoid thinking about the future. In fact, simple mindfulness exercises can increase your thought power and your ability to deal with the future.

With mindfulness exercises, you can “adjust” to yourself. Distractions are released and your brain capacity is increased. The exercises help you to think more clearly and to concentrate better. The best news is that they are easier to learn than you think.

Simple Mindfulness Exercises

Whenever you are stressed, stop and pay careful attention to yourself to see what is troubling you. You may expect something bad to happen, or there may be an argument just below the surface of your consciousness, or you may be worried about something, or you may have pain in some way. Notice what you can do.

This self-observation is crucial. It will become easier if you do it more. You will begin to realize how many things are going on in your own mind and distract you.

Mindfullness Exercises

Now take care of these thought irritants. Make the call that is on your heart, take an aspirin, apologize to the one you have been fighting with. You can put things on tomorrow’s to-do list to knock them out of your head. And if there is nothing you can do at the moment, tell yourself that. If you do this exercise, you will feel less stressed and you will be able to concentrate better on the tasks at hand. You can have more brain capacity today.

Mindfulness – To be in the moment

Sit down, relax and breathe deeply through your nose. Close your eyes and watch your breath go in and out. Move your attention to your body, part by part, as you notice feelings of cold, heat, narrowness, wound, and everything else you identify. After a few minutes, begin to hear the sounds in the room without thinking about them. Just listen while you still have awareness of your body and breath.

In about ten minutes or so, or when it feels right, open your eyes and look around as if you were seeing for the first time. Let your eyes rest on an object for half a minute and examine it without talking about it in your head. Then move to another object and another while you still have an awareness of your body, your breathing, and all sounds. Just stay in this state of awareness for a few minutes until you are ready to stand up.

When you are aware of your body, your breath, and your immediate environment, you are more complete ” at the moment”. Your mind is at a receptive state, with fewer mental distractions that can prevent clear thinking. Such an exercise before important mental tasks gives you more brain capacity, especially more concentration and concentration. Today is a good day to learn something new. Why don’t you try one of these mindfulness exercises?

Do you have any tips about mindfulness exercises that you find helpful? Let us know your favorites!

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