Mindfulness” is a bit of a catchphrase these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should discredit it. Mindfulness is one of the best things you can do for your body and mind!

However, you might not be sure exactly what it is. Is mindfulness just a greater consciousness? Or does it mean freeing the mind?

Mindfulness in a sense is like a simplification of things. Usually, we try to multitask all day long and take care of 20 things while we do 10. That doesn’t work so well.

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. To be perfect here. It allows you to take care of what is going on right around you and inside you. So it simplifies things because you can simply enjoy the present moment.

You can meditate to be more mindful and you can practice it all day long. Whatever you do, give it all your attention. Be proactive in laying down your other worries and being present in what you do and with whom you are with.

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Mindfulness is a gift that we do not give ourselves often. In fact, our society teaches that we should do as much as possible all the time, which leads to burnout, stress, health problems and lower productivity.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, offers the opposite, so let us take a look at all the benefits of mindfulness.

1Mindfulness Reduces Stress

Let’s start with the big deal. In today’s world, we really fight stress from all sides.

When we carry around all the things we have to worry about, our mind never gets a break. That’s why so many people are completely burned out, feel depressed and stressed out, even panic attacks or needing medication.

This kind of concern hides any chance of joy or relaxation in our day. You probably know how it works: You’re sitting at your desk at work, stressed about a deadline, and also about a disagreement with your partner, and some tension you feel with an employee, and the company party you’re supposed to be at tonight…..

The constantly carrying of all these things and the feeling of stress leads to these symptoms:

Restless SleepDues Defensive DefenseHeadaches, Body Aches, Migraines
A Racing MindGet Easy AngryJaw Pain due to Clenching of the Teeth
Low EnergyPanic AttacksTight Shoulders and Back Pain
Feeling IrritatedConstant PanicDepression


As you can see, trying to keep everything in mind leads to all sorts of problems, leading to lower productivity and even worse things.

We may even feel a sense of guilt if we forget to worry about something. Do you ever do that? You will finally immerse yourself in something and it feels really nice, but then you remember all the things that aren’t solved and you feel guilty for taking a few minutes.

But you need those minutes!

Mindfulness and presence will allow you to immerse yourself in what you are doing, give him your full attention so that you can do better, and you will feel clearer and more energized spiritually.

Your body and brain are not designed to deal with constant stress. It is so much healthier to be present and put aside the other pressing thoughts.

Challenge yourself to be mindful of one activity a day: a walk, meditation, crafting, writing, drawing, singing, or anything else you enjoy.

See what it feels like to be fully present with this one thing and not have thoughts about something else. And then you see how you feel the rest of the day.

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2Mindfulness Creates Better Health

Mindfulness and presence lower our stress level and centers us, which brings many health benefits.

You may notice that you are calmer after practicing mindfulness, your head feels clearer and more focused, you are more productive and awake.

Mindfulness brings great benefits to your mind, and that in turn promotes your body and your overall health.

People who practice mindfulness have higher brain function, increased immune function, lower blood pressure, lower anxiety levels and are calmer.

We have heard this for years, but experts have talked about meditation and yoga. Both are ways to be mindful!

3Mindfulness Reduces Depression Symptoms

Reducing stress and improving your health can help with depression.

Mindfulness does that and more. It has long been considered an effective part of all depression treatment.

Mindfulness often helps people see and recognize their feelings, and this leads to better coping. Be mindful and let them say, “I see that I feel that way, and that’s okay.”

Mindfulness occupies the observing self so that you can notice how you feel and what you think, but are not fully drawn into those feelings. Step back and analyze the situation!

4Mindfulness Increases Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is one of those funny words (in my opinion) that show you what they mean. Neuro, or brain, plus plasticity, or flexibility.

Think about how plastic can be soft and supple.

Mindfulness helps your brain increase its ability to change and adapt, which is quite important for our survival even though we are not back in the caveman era.

In a simple sense, neuroplasticity indicates how our brain learns, grows and changes. When we change our mind or learn new things, we actually go new ways.

But that has greater scientific implications. When someone has a stroke and has to relearn how to walk, they actually learn how to recirculate their brain around the damaged area.

Imagine how much stronger your brain will be if you practice mindfulness and improve neuroplasticity. This is a great advantage for dealing with all the curves of life and all the brain damage you could suffer.

5Mindfulness Helps you to Deal with Diseases

Studies have shown that mindfulness helps people with cancer and people with chronic diseases – even incurable diseases.

I can understand why it would help someone to enjoy life day after day when they are more at the moment. Research has found that mindfulness helps cancer patients to reduce stress and fatigue at the same time.

For many, mindfulness increases our spirituality and our sense of purpose, and it helps people deal with their emotions about their illness.

Mindfulness can significantly improve the lives of people with chronic pain, such as back pain. It helps patients focus on something other than pain.

6Mindfulness Helps Recovery

We have seen how mindfulness promotes our mental and emotional health. It also helps us physically when we have to recover from an illness.

This is probably due to all the other benefits of mindfulness.

We have better concentration, we are less stressed, we feel more at peace, and so we are happier.

We have talked about some great areas where mindfulness helps. To zoom in a little, here is a list of more specific ways mindfulness improves our lives:

Better Mental HealthLess Depression and AnxietyLess Burnout
Less Stress at WorkBetter Performance at School and at WorkBetter Able to Deal With Ups and Downs.
Better Emotional RegulationBetter RelationsMore Resilience
Fewer Problems With Alcohol and DrugsBetter Self-Confidence


We are simply healthier if we are more mindful because people are not really made to do 5 things at once all day long and always worry.

We can profit from slowing down and appreciating the present moment. Why do you let other things distract you from what you are doing? You can give these other things your attention in due time.

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Hope the article about health benefits of mindfulness is helpful for you. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section below.



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