Why do people assume that the answer to any disease, especially depression, is a drug?

Is it because we are bombarded every day with advertisements and news articles that pills made in laboratories by men in white coats are the way to “cure” any disease we have?

“Overweight? Take this pill. Can’t you sleep? Take the pill, are you struggling to concentrate? Take these pills, do you have depression? Take Prozac, or Fluoxetine, or Wellbrutin, or Ketamine, or whatever other pills and potions we can throw at you to make money!

lies about depression

….and oh, by the way, you’re going to have to take these pills every day for the rest of your life, and they have side effects, so you know what? You have to take a bunch of other pills every day of your life to fight them!”

Every day we are confronted with news and commercials that there is a new miracle cure that will cure your depression. Every day we are told to take a pill or a potion that will magically change our lives and make us happy.

They show us pictures of a man or woman deep in a pit of despair struggling with life because of depression, then they give you the sales talk about why their revolutionary miracle cure will “heal” you, and show you pictures of the same man or woman running on a beach or horse, happy and contented with life.

lies about depression

These pictures all look wonderful, they make you think that your life will be everything you dreamed it would be if you just took a pill every day. There is a big problem with the perfect pictures they show you and the wonderful things they tell you:


In fact, if you think about it, when was the last time a drug cured something? Maybe polio?

It is now a fact that pharmaceutical companies do not want to cure depression. They make too much money by only giving you pills that help you live with your disease.

You see, there is no money in treating healthy people and there is no money in treating dead people – but there are BILLIONS that you can make out of disease and suffering!

All any antidepressant can do is relieve your symptoms of depression. For the majority of people, they don’t help at all. The facts and figures show that taking an antidepressant is in most cases only slightly better than taking a placebo.

I would have almost as much chance of treating your depression if I told you, “Here, this drug is fantastic and will cure you…” and then gave you a sugar pill. And by the way, that would be a much better thing to take every day, because sugar pills have no side effects.

However, all antidepressants have side effects, one of which could encourage you to commit suicide!

If the big pharmaceutical companies are lying to us, why doesn’t the government intervene and do something? If so, a good question, but the answer may frighten you.

The government subsidizes diseases, they have to, there is too much money in it. Antidepressants are worth over $10 billion to the American economy alone, and that figure is growing year by year.

lies about depression

The government knows this and will do everything in its power to increase this figure. For example, Hilary Clinton’s health bill of 2007 only once mentioned the words “diet” and “exercise” – but the word “drugs” was mentioned 14 times – just as the pharmaceutical companies wanted!

The government is not your nanny, the government is your trader!

How to Cure Depression Natural

The worst thing about the lies you are told, however, is that while pharmaceutical companies make billions out of depression without offering a cure, and governments around the world are enabling and encouraging them to do so, there is a cure.

A natural, holistic cure that anyone can perform extremely cheaply and without pills or potions. But they won’t tell you about it, and it won’t win much press because they can’t make money with it!

It’s called “Destroy Depression System™“, a simple 7-step guide to the natural self-healing of depression. Product designer James Gordon spent 20 years of his life with depression and many of these years with medication. He decided to do something about it himself, and using a combination of years of research he has done in the field and his own self-experimentation, he developed a system that guarantees success.

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