How can I put this…? I always snored so hard that my wife thought I would die of it. Sounds a bit much right? dying of snoring? that’s what I thought, too, but then she explained to me what sleep apnea is, and then I really started freaking out.

I learned what a CPAP mask is, and I couldn’t believe I actually had to wear this horrible thing in bed every night for the rest of my life! How can that be?! It seemed like a bad dream.

At first, I denied the whole situation and thought that if I ignored it, it would disappear. Then my wife set foot and let me take a long, hard and serious look into a CPAP mask to solve my snoring problems.

I was once again obliged to look reality straight in the face. I couldn’t imagine having to wear this dreaded mask every time I went to bed.

The discomfort, the noise it makes, the attitude that everything is right every time I fall asleep, what an old man in the hospital looks like… it was all too much, but I really didn’t know what else to do… is there an alternative to this horrible device?? I thought to myself.

I really didn’t want to succumb to the CPAP, so I tried as much as possible to shift the inevitable… but my snoring became unbearable for my wife.

snoring problems

Faced with the truth of my situation, a reality I could never accept, where every night for the rest of my life I slept with a terrible device attached to my face (did you see one of those things?!?), I decided to go into full research mode and dig deep to find an alternative solution.

When I decided to get into something, I went “all-in” and so I immersed myself in everything there was about snoring, clogged sleep apnea (OSA) and the serious risks associated with leaving it untreated. Then I stumbled upon what I was looking for, a solution for snoring and sleep apnea that did not require CPAP…. Has my wish simply come true?

That’s what I discovered:

At first, I realized that snoring is much worse than an inconvenience. It is often an early sign of constipated sleep apnea associated with all sorts of health problems.

It causes things like:

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Memory loss
  • Erectile dysfunction

And a whole series of other terrible consequences. I dug deeper into my research and found a clinical trial that literally changed my life forever.

This study was published in Chest Magazine, a prestigious medical journal. The core of the study? Snoring and OSA can be cured by so-called oropharyngeal exercises… or in the sense of laymen “anti-snoring exercises”.

I had no idea what anti-snoring exercises are, but hey… everything is better than a CPAP! As it turned out, this solution was better than anything I could have imagined. Not only would I not have to wear the dreaded CPAP…. but I wouldn’t have to wear anything! …No mask, no mouthpiece, no chinstrap, no noseband (most of which don’t actually work).

cure for snoring

All I have to do is do these anti-snoring exercises for about 8 weeks and heal my problems. That sounded too good to be true. As it turned out, it was not only true but was also proven in clinical trials for the treatment of snoring and OSA.

So, what are these anti-snoring exercises?

Well, simply put, these are mouth, jaw, tongue and throat exercises that tighten muscles that have become loose, flaccid and limp over the years.

It is these loose limp muscles that collapse and block your airways, leading to breathing difficulties and snoring. If you tighten these muscles, you will eliminate the cause of snoring.

So this is not only an unobtrusive, comfortable solution, but also the most effective one that addresses the root of the problem, rather than just hitting a “plaster” to silence the snoring.

These anti-snoring exercises were better than anything I’ve seen in my research. Better than nose patches, mouthpieces, sprays, position adjusters and definitely better than a CPAP mask!

I had to try these anti-snoring exercises… I felt as if my life would change forever…. I mean, this solution has been tested in clinical trials! And so I did. I began to feel drastic improvements after only two weeks with the exercises.

…and after 8 weeks?

My snoring and sleep apnea were cured. No more, no less…. I couldn’t believe it, I was thrilled!

The anti-snoring exercise program I used (known as the Optimum Sleep Protocol) is so clearly explained and easy to use, and it’s actually quite fun. It consists of tongue, mouth, jaw and throat exercises, all combined into one easy-to-understand program. The bottom line is that not only does it work, it also works better than I could have imagined.

optimum sleep program review

In several ways, I have a sense that I have got my life back. My wife is happy, I am healthy, and the thought of having to wear a CPAP mask is no longer over my head. I can now confidently say that I am healed.

Since then, thousands of people around the world have used the anti-snoring exercises to heal their snoring and sleep apnea.

A big advantage of the Optimum Sleep Protocol is that you have access to it immediately after purchase. You do not need to wait for something in the mail. You buy it securely on their website, immediately get a username and password and can start anti-snoring exercises right away.

If you thought that it couldn’t get any better then it can… these guys are so confident in their program (and now I understand why) that they can actually give you a 60-day money back guarantee. So if for some reason it didn’t work for you, you get your money back without questions.

Take it from someone who stared at the CPAP monster and lived to tell the story…. There is a better way.

If you want to stop snoring, try the Optimum Sleep Protocol. You have nothing to lose (literally nothing to lose thanks to their money-back guarantee) and everything to win!

Learn more about the Optimum Sleep Protocol here:

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