New clinical research suggests that there is a natural cure for snoring.

A recent study published by Brazilian doctors in CHEST magazine shows that practicing simple tongue and mouth exercises to treat snoring gives almost wonderful results!

US doctors have supported the research. Barbara Phillips, Medical Director of the Sleep Laboratory at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine, explains that “this study represents a promising, non-invasive treatment for large snoring populations, the snorers and their bed partners, who are largely left out of research and treatment.

In recent years, sleep specialists, researchers and ear, nose and throat specialists in the US have experimented with the effectiveness of exercises to tighten and tighten the neck muscles as a possible treatment for snoring. Their results conclude that exercising the weaker muscles directly responsible for the problem can reduce snoring intensity by 60 percent and frequency by 39 percent.

This is an exciting discovery, especially as any alternative available today, such as over-the-counter treatment, has proven less promising.

“There is no shortage of snoring treatments such as mouthpieces, special pillows, nasal strips and sprays, but most of them have not been proven in clinical trials,” says the MayoClinic.

On the other hand, the results from various clinical studies testing the efficacy of oral and tongue exercises are definitive: “The oral and tongue exercises have significantly reduced snoring in our study group,” says Dr. Geraldo Lorenzi-Filho, the study author in CHEST’s press release.

Unlike the various anti-snoring devices on the market, tongue, mouth, throat and jaw training focuses on the cause of snoring and provides a more effective, non-invasive and durable solution.

Snoring is the result of the vibrational action of weak muscles in the facial area. However, in snoring, when the air flows through the upper airways, the weak muscles begin to vibrate and produce the snoring.

cure for snoring

By exercising these relaxed neck, tongue, jaw and mouth muscles, as well as push-ups or sit-ups in the gym, these muscles are strengthened and re-aligned, returning to their former youthful structure and texture.

Barbara A. Phillips, MD, says she strongly recommends trying these simple exercises. “This study complements the evidence that people can improve their own health through simple behavioral changes they can make themselves,” she says, “Honestly, that will change the advice I give to my patients who snore.” And that’s a bunch of folks.

Snoring: An epidemic

According to the National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects about 90 million Americans of both sexes, with 37 million people regularly suffering from the problem. With age, snoring can become a more serious problem with real health consequences.

cure for snoring

What may seem like a harmless inconvenience at first, it is important to treat the problem before it escalates to a more serious condition like sleep apnea, a condition where breathing repeatedly stops and starts all night long.

Sleep apnea is associated with poor concentration, fatigue, memory problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and possibly a heart attack at night.

Snoring exercises Go Viral

According to the latest findings, this innovative technique for solving the age-old snoring problem has quickly found its way into long-term snorers and has quickly become viral and has been published in many of the world’s leading publications such as The New York Times, Fox News,, Men’s Journal and The Telegraph.

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