Today there are many ways, one million indeed, to get headaches.

You can get headaches when you hit your head on something, when you forget your caffeine intake, when you eat ice cream too fast, when you get too stressed, too tired or when you get sick.

headache cure

In the United States alone, about one in six people suffers from chronic headaches and migraines. They suffer rarely, but regularly.

When this happens, it is difficult for the rest of the body to do any kind of work when the head is in great pain.

Studies have shown that about 50 billion dollars are lost every year because workers cannot work because of chronic headaches.

What is all the money for? To the medical industry, I suppose.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies today make a fortune selling headache and migraine medications, treatments and therapies.

headache cure

The problem is that while these treatments can provide temporary symptom relief, they do nothing about the underlying cause of headaches and migraines.

Which is nothing more than a lack of oxygen. But don’t rely on the professionals to tell you.

Our body is made up of cells, and every single cell needs oxygen to function properly. Lack of oxygen in the cells in the head leads to inflammation of the veins and touches the nerves of the brain, and this is what causes chronic headaches and migraines.

It gets worse because most of us don’t breathe properly and have a bad posture. All these things prevent us from getting the right amount of oxygen and cause chronic headaches and migraines.

If only the medical industry admits and addresses them, the American economy will not lose so much money and manpower.

And as always, it is Christian Goodman who takes over the rescue.

My migraine and headache relief program bypasses the symptoms of migraine and headaches and tackles the problem directly at source. The program shows you through some very simple exercises how to increase oxygen uptake and restore the body’s natural balance.

understanding migrain headaches

Apart from recovering from headaches and migraines, you will also be in much better shape than ever before. You’ll be surprised how much you missed before.

Wouldn’t you like to see how much?

understanding migrain headaches


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