Did you know that Asian countries like Japan, China and Thailand have some of the lowest arthritis rates in the world?

Why are U.S. arthritis rates rising -expecting to double in the next 50 years – while their continued decline?

Scientists are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of this East meets West Arthritis question. In a short time, however, they have already achieved some surprising breakthroughs.

1Medical system

It has been said that the US does not have a health system – there is a disease care system. While doctors in the US are obsessed with distributing pills and potions, Eastern medicine considers things to be whole bodies.

When an arthritis patient stumbles into a Tokyo doctor’s office, the doctor doesn’t automatically take out his pad and prescribe a drug. He aims to get to the root that causes arthritis.

2Fishy diets

Asian countries eat so much fish that you might think they could breathe underwater. This fish intake does two things. First, they get a reward for curing omega-3 fats. It also replaces red meat, which causes arthritis pain.

They move it: Asians are much more physically active than people in the West. Even in highly developed countries like Japan, exercise is much more common than in the US and Canada. Scientists recently published research in Arthritis Care & Research, which pointed the finger at the laziness of the West, as the main reason why one in five Americans has some form of arthritis.

3Medicinal Herbs

There is no doubt that our highly processed diets are partly responsible for the “age of arthritis” we are in. But it’s not what we eat, it’s what we don’t eat that causes most of the damage.

While Western cuisine adds fat and salt as “flavor enhancers”, Asian countries use medicinal herbs such as ginger and garlic. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that ginger works just as well as ibuprofen for pain relief in arthritis.


A common sight on the streets of China is an old woman carrying home bags of food from the local street market for the nightly family meal. A closer look reveals bags covered with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, bok choi, and carrots.

Fresh vegetables are brimming with essential vitamins – such as vitamin C – that many arthritis patients lack.

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