Fast weight loss is not only possible but can also be mega healthy. No, wait a minute… Let me rephrase it:

In reality, it is THE BEST thing you can ever do for your body! And in this article, I will show you how it works. I’ve just done it myself. For the fourth time now.

And the effect on my body and my psyche is enormous. And I can’t write the word ENORMOUS big enough here.

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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I didn’t have that feeling on my best day. And the clarity that my thoughts and my eyes have, it’s just fascinating…

In short, I feel like I’ve been reborn!

But, a warning first: This is not for weenies!


This time it was really enormous. Already the first three times I had a mega effect, but this time, it’s just indescribable…

The clarity of my thoughts is simply fascinating.

My body is bubbling with energy and joie de vivre. And my self-confidence has got an extra kick.

Concerning the weight loss, this time I had “only” 9 lbs loss during the 5 days, from 176 lbs to 167 lbs (with 71´´ body height).

That was because I went in from the beginning with a low weight and my body apparently does not want to go under the 176 mark.

Starting from day 3 I stopped in principle on the 167 mark…

The time before I had a reduction of 10 lbs within five days!!! From 187 lbs to 177 lbs!

That was MASSIVE.

And the corresponding circumstances.

I did the healing cure, which I will discuss soon, at Christmas (from 23.12.2011 – 27.12.2011).

You have read correctly! While all the others around me put the fat food inside them, I shot my green juices into me.

Was that easy? I decided to do this. Did I feel better afterwards? You can bet on that.

Afterward, I felt light like a feather and energetic like a tiger. While the others were still walking around with poultry in their stomachs for days and felt bad to have eaten so much again at Christmas…

Well, anyone as he wants…


Okay, enough with the little things. Now it’s time to get down to business. How does this fast slimming cure work?

As follows…


Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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You drink only green juices for five days. You don’t eat anything else, you just drink. Either green juices or pure, filtered water.

This is a detoxifying juice cure. You will massively lose weight and detoxify yourself. The best combination ever.

Beyond these green drinks, you drink MASSIVE water.

Per 1 lbs body weight 1 oz water.

So (for me): 176 lbs = 176 oz

Yes, really, 176 oz of water a day! And if you can, even more.

That may sound a lot at first, but it is ABSOLUT ESSENTIAL for this cure.

This is about washing out your body from all the toxins it’s accumulated over the years and losing weight quickly.

And that’s because you really “wash out” your body.

About the water: That should be filtered. Tap water can be partly polluted and we definitely don’t want to have that in our body (it makes our body sour).

You want to deacidify the body here and bring it to a basic level. And you want to give it only the best of the best. I hope you understand that?

So, filtered water is the choice of the day.

If you take too little water during the days, you can recognize by that:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dark, yellow urine
  • Constipation
  • Limb pain
  • Dry skin

If you have these symptoms, drink more!

In general: the more transparent your urine is, the better.

The yellow in your urine are toxins that are excreted. The more transparent your urine is, the fewer toxins are excreted and the more water you have drunk – well done!

But water is not the same as water!

During this fast weight loss cure, you drink your water as follows:

For 30 oz of filtered water you give

  • a small pinch of Himalayan salt and
  • a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

Mix and drink!

You do this because lemon juice has a strong cleansing effect and makes your body alkaline.

This sounds a bit contradictory at first because lemon juice sounds like acid (the Opposite of alkaline), but in the body, the natural acid of the lemon juice is developed into an alkaline.


Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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To get the toxins out of your body and quickly lose weight, you do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day.

You should sweat. Sauna is also good or take a steam bath.

But don’t overdo it. The cure itself is not complete without it and you don’t want to overexert your body here but do it good.

So go jogging, cycling or swimming every morning. Just get yourself moving and sweating.

A morning walk up the hill or a short walk in the forest is also a very good idea and gives you fresh energy.

And no matter what sport: don’t forget to breathe. Always breathe in deep and fresh air and life energy.


Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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These 5 days are not completely without relaxing. This is an important part! And you don’t want to have stress or overexert yourself.

That’s why it’s best to take 5 days, ONLY to do this cure! Change all business appointments and take enough time – time for yourself. And then, during the cure, treat yourself to MASSIVE relaxation.

Your body will lose a lot of weight and will wash out old poisons, which have been shed in your body for years. And you will notice this accordingly.

Therefore a few suggestions for this time:

  • No watching TV or reading excessively
  • Get a relaxation CD that you can listen to every day.
  • Take a nap and enjoy the sun.
  • Take a warm bath before you go to bed.
  • Go to bed a little earlier and sleep a little longer.

Also: Meditate 20 minutes every day!

Use this cure not only to lose weight quickly and detoxify your body massively but also to sharpen your consciousness and reconnect with LIFE.

The weight loss was for me always only one thing. I was much more interested in what an incredible consciousness BOOST I had after every cure.

During the four cures I’ve taken so far, I’ve always realized basic things in my life that I haven’t seen for years. It’s like you’re getting a whole new perspective on your life. A much clearer one.

And after every cure I changed basic things in my life.

For example, in my very first cure, I was at a point in my life where I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to go on.

And after the cure, it was ABSOLUTE clear to me. As if it had always stood right in front of the tip of my nose, but I just couldn’t really see it until then…

So you will gain completely new insights into your life that you have never had before.

It may become clear to you how many negative influences you have in your life and then minimize them accordingly. Or you will end old friendships that haven’t been good for you for a long time. Or you will finally quit your job, which has excited you for so long… and finally, do what you REALLY want to do.

Therefore, use this time.

Meditate. 20 minutes a day is enough. Go into yourself. And block external influences as good as you can. And no excessive other consumption. No TV, no parties and no wild sex orgies!


For the cure, you need the following accessories: a juicer and a lemon squeezer.

And these things here:

  • 5 enemas (available in the pharmacy)
  • Spirulina, chlorella or wheatgrass powder, one of these
  • Himalayan Salt


Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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One every day. Insert rectally. Wait and see. Go to the toilet. Simple thing.

If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry. That’s totally relaxed. Looks and sounds worse than it is at the beginning. Just do it…

You use it to rinse out your bowel and clean it at the same time. Thus you bring your intestines back to their original state and give yourself the possibility to build up a top healthy intestinal flora.

You use the Spirulina powder for the green drinks. Simply add a spoon and mineralize your body. Wonderful.


Best Way to Lose Weight Fast
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In the morning, when you get up, drink half a liter of lemon water.

Recipe for lemon water:

  • Juice of a lemon
  • 150 oz of water
  • (optional) a pinch of salt

Lemon water cleanses your body and rinses out unnecessary material. Do this in the morning to hydrate your body and get the day off to a good start.

Instructions for the drink

You put all the ingredients for the specific drink in your juicer and then add as much filtered water as you need to have 170 oz of drink at the end.

You can drink such a drink every three hours. Which one you want to drink is up to you, there is no fixed order. All of them are excellent.

I took three of these green drinks a day and my 200 oz of water + my lemon water in the morning.

So one drink in the morning, at noon and in the evening that`s enough. It’s like eating normally, only with green drinks instead.

Three of these drinks will probably be enough for you good. If not, just make one extra. As I said, you can drink one every 3 hours.B


One of the most important things of this cure is how you continue after these 5 days of drinking green juices and water.

You should NOT abuse your body with cooked meals or meat and other animal products in the following days.

Make it as easy for your body as possible. Spare it. Give him the chance to slowly get used to the food again.

And that’s the best way to do it…

The three days after the cure you should only eat raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. And each in proportion. You will also quickly notice that you can only eat a small fraction of what you normally ate. Your stomach has shrunk and even small amounts will be enough to feed you.

Only after these three days, you can consider eating boiled food again.

Also, eat more slowly.

You will notice that after this cure you will not only have lost many kilos very quickly, but you will also have a whole new sense of taste.

You will taste things in your food that you never noticed before.

Therefore: enjoy your food. Taste every little detail. And take the appropriate time for it!

Here’s a little inspiration on how this can be done (my meals from yesterday and today, after the cure – all PURE raw food and in HIGHEST ORGANIC quality):

  • Chocolate dessert
  • Raw vegetable salad
  • Raw strawberry yogurt
  • Flax Cracker
  • Almond muesli
  • Broccoli salad


You will lose a lot of weight and detoxify your body at the same time. Here is my guarantee that you will feel like a newborn afterward. However, it may not be as much fun during the cure. You will have to struggle with detox symptoms and of course with a massive, very fast weight loss.

Therefore, before you start the cure, pay attention to these things:

If you normally eat a lot of meat, reduce your meat consumption the days before you start the cure.

The same thing with alcohol and cigarettes. During the diet, you should avoid smoking and NEVER drink alcohol. Reduce your consumption the days before.

If you eat a lot of pasta, reduce it. Replace it with quinoa or couscous.

If you eat a lot of frozen foods, eat more freshly prepared foods the days before.

And, I don’t think I have to mention that, but I’d better leave it as a precaution: ALL ingredients for your green drinks should, of course, be from ABSOLUTE BEST ORGANIC QUALITY and should NOT be sprayed on!
Don’t be a penny pincher here. Buy food in organic quality and get the absolute best quality you can find.

A question for you: How often do you take such a cure in your life? Probably not every day…

So please spoil your body only with the All-All-BEST.


The effects will be dramatic, I can guarantee you that already!

Depending on how (badly) you have eaten before, you will feel ENORME changes.

You will have an extreme sense of lightness in your body (and mind).

Your skin will radiate in a completely different color and freshness.

Your head and thought processes will brighten and be much clearer, you will be able to focus better.

The colors of your eyes will become clearer and more powerful.

You’ll feel like a diver who threw off his weights.

You will have a whole new self-confidence.

And also your fellow men will notice this change in your energy immediately.

Personally, I notice how people react much more friendly to me and perceive me much faster.

Where’s it coming from? It`s easy!

After this cure you will radiate an extreme vitality and life energy.

You will have THIS which all PEOPLE are looking for, but which only the LEAST have:

An extremely high LIFE ENERGY!



The first and foremost rule, like everywhere else, is: THINK yourself! Only YOU know in the end what is good for you. So if you are unsure whether this cure is something for you, please ask your doctor or pharmacist beforehand whether he considers this cure to be sensible for you.

Furthermore, you will have to struggle with some detox symptoms during the treatment. Depending on how badly or well you have eaten before, you will more or less have to struggle with it.

But if these symptoms become too severe or if this whole thing doesn’t feel good anymore, please stop it and check with your doctor again if this cure makes sense for you.


Answer: NO. Do it with the enemas. And done. The enemas help your intestines to regenerate and rinse out old waste products. So don’t think about it for long, just do it. It’s also less bad than you always think at the beginning. Once you’ve done it, the second time it’s no problem at all. So: Do it!


No! Besides, they won’t taste that good (the drinks are a huge challenge for most people). Hey, I told you above that this is not for weenies. So please don’t cry about it now. But again: You have to juice the juices in a juicer and then fill it up with water as described above. This is the only way to make the cure right.


No, that’s not possible. You need a juicer for this cure. It doesn’t have to be particularly expensive, a normal juicer is enough. Why juice and not mix? Because you only want the juice of your green ingredients and not the fibers.


It all depends on how you continue THAN! If you continue eating (badly) like before, then this vegetable juice cure won’t help you much.

It’s all up to you and the question of what YOU are willing to do to have a healthy body and a happy life.

Also important: First and foremost you will lose a lot of water with this cure and lose a lot of weight very quickly. But in order to maintain this effect of weight loss, it is essential that you continue to eat healthy food afterward.

This means NO sugar, no industrially processed foods and, best of all, no extract flours.

Remember: How you continue THEN is much more important than any temporary diet or cure you can ever take!


NO! It is even forbidden to do too much sport. Your body will rapidly lose weight and detoxify and that alone demands enough energy.

However, in order to wash out any remaining toxins in your body, you should do some 20-30 minutes of light exercise every day. It shouldn’t be too strenuous, but you should sweat a little.

Jogging/running is good, a walk in the forest or sauna and steam bath are a good thing.


No! Make the juices exactly as I described them. Drink your lemon water in the morning and use the Himalayan salt. Don’t change anything. Change nothing. Do nothing differently. Just the way I described it. If you don’t find any kale, then you can use dandelion instead.

Note: All my recommendations are carefully considered and reviewed and are intended for healthy adults over the age of 18 years. None of my articles can provide a replacement for expert medical advice. Please consult a physician before starting any training, nutrition or supplementation program. Especially if you have already had complaints in the past.
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